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CRA Call Recorder Auto VIP

1.99 usd

• BEST FREE CALL RECORDER ON GOOGLE PLAY• TOP 10 APPS YOU MUST DOWNLOAD ON YOUR PHONECRA Call Recorder Auto gives you the best way to record all your phone calls automatically
Have you ever had an important phone call and you wanted to take some notes? You need to memorize a password, phone number or street address? You want to write down a list of tasks (shopping list)? You have an important phone call with a client?You want to hold on to an important phone call with your partner or a close friend/relative?You want to store all your phone calls?
You can listen to the recorded call at your convenience in MP3 High Audio QualityYou can also sync your phone calls with your Dropbox account automaticallyIts difficult to predict if your next call will be important, making it difficult to record these important calls
How CRA works:1/ Record your calls automatically while calling2/ Organize your call records. You can view all your calls with options such as list by time, group by names or group by dates3/ You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files on your SD card
Features for CRA Call Recorder Auto: • Automatic Call Recorder• Not necessary to push a record button• Records all incoming and outgoing calls• Simple inbox to manage all your calls• MP3 Audio Quality and many more recording (rec) formats: amr, mp4, wav, 3gp, mp3• Choice of recording quality• Filter phone records• Choose between recording all calls, only calls made with your contacts or calls from unknown numbers• Automatic or Manual Dropbox synchronization• Manage your call recording list• Sync all calls or favorite calls automatically• Notifications: once the recording has been started you can be notified either by notification icon or a sound• Enable/Disable call recording • Enable/Disable notifications on start / finish• Play/Stop recorded audio by touch on the item• Delete Call History and Call logs• Lock recorded phone calls to prevent from auto-cleaning• Share recorded voice calls• Ask to save the record after a call• Review each call if you want and delete the recording, write additional note or add it to your favoritesphone calls• Store phone calls• Advanced Memory Management: limit the memory space occupied by the recorded calls• Search for recordings by contact or phone number• Auto delete old recordings• No time limit for recording• Marking recordings as important so they never get deleted• Multi select, delete, send your phone calls• Display contact name and photo• Protect your phone calls with password protection• Ability start delayed recording• Send recordings through email, Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, Kakao, Skype, Viber, SMS or Messenger apps • Manage your list of calls in your dropbox directly• Backup call history record to SD Card• And many more features for CRA Call Recorder Auto...
Reviews from Users of CRA Call Recorder Auto:★★★★★ – “This is the best call recorder on Google Play!” - Eric ★★★★★ - “My favorite call recorder! Simple and efficient!” – Max★★★★★ – “Very useful application! You must download it!” - Ann
CRA Limitations :• Can’t record calls made through Bluetooth• May not record the correspondent voice on some phones due to hardware limitations. Send us an email if you have an issue• If you have any recording issues or you want to improve voice quality, use your device on speaker mode
Before installing CRA (Automatic Call Recorder), uninstall any call recorder mobile applications. Do not use CRA in conjunction with other call recorders. CRA will not work
If you have any suggestion or comment for CRA, please send us an email at:
Legal Disclaimer:Depending on local laws, recording calls without letting your caller know may be illegal. Please check with your legal counsel